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Discovering the Doubs

It's time to step ashore and head towards the bank of the Doubs or possibly a bit further. There is always something exciting to experience in the area of Montbéliard, Baume-les-Dames, Besançon or Dole

The Doubs, a river of green and blue enchantment

The Doubs originates in Mouthe, in Haut-Doubs, stretching across three départements (Doubs, Jura and Saône-et-Loire) for 453 km with a short cross-over into Switzerland. The river is initially turbulent and then settles as it moves into the plains in the Montbéliard region. Here it becomes navigable over 200 km, whether natural or canalised. The Rhône-Rhine Canal, which runs alongside it and joins it, ensures worry-free sailing. The Doubs winds and glides between open green spaces and fine stones. It coyly meanders and loops around until finally joining with the Saône in Verdun-sur-Doubs.

>> Events accross the Doubs:

To help you plan your stops and organise your outings, a helpful guide lists all of the events that are scheduled from May to September from Deluz, north of Besançon, to Tavaux, south of Dole. "Au fil du Doubs 2015" brochure available in Tourist Offices, harbourmaster's office.

>> Petites Cités Comtoises de Caractère:

There are 34 of them in the region. These towns with their remarkable architecture and landscapes are real jewels representative of their rural environments. Baume-les-Dames is the only town directly on the banks of the Doubs that boasts this fine label.

The EuroVelo 6

Leave your boat behind and head out along the EuroVelo6 cycling path to discover the Doubs Valley.

From Dole to Belfort, 187 km of fully protected and marked-off trails await you for unforgettable moments.

The EuroVelo6 is a cycling route that can be taken in segments or all at once depending on your level and means of transport. For cyclists, roller-bladers, pedestrians and people with reduced mobility, the keyword here is "accessibility".