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Stopovers from Scey-sur-Saône to Gray

Beautiful river scenery, the St Albin canal and the Rupt and Ray sur Saône castles can all be admired from the boat as you enjoy one of the most beautiful segments of the “petite Saône”.




Click here to discover Scey-sur-Saône

Seveux Savoyeux

Built in partnership with the neighbouring town of Savoyeux, the harbour was the very first river port in Franche-Comté. Fit with recent docks, it opens onto a 643-metre-long underground canal.




Food lovers stopping in Soing will want to taste the famous "pochouse", which will provide ample food for discussion onboard until they reach Ray-Sur-Saône.

Here, an enchanting walk through the Château de Ray-Sur-Saône park will delight children and adults alike.

At the Seveux-Savoyeux harbour, give into the charm of the "Rives de Saône" and take a bicycle or wagon to explore picturesque villages and their rich heritage (fountains, wash-houses, churches, altarpieces and more) or else let yourself be impressed by bison farming in Dampierre-Sur-Salon.


This is the last sizeable Franc-Comtois town before you reach Burgundy.

The immense stone quays still testify to the intense port activity that has been developed in Gray through the centuries. Fortunes and fine houses have been built upon both sides of the river, leaving Gray with a remarkable architectural heritage. With its Renaissance city hall, 15th century basilica, Italian-style theatre and castle converted into Musée Baron Martin, a first-rate museum of art and archaeology...

The town still benefits from its privileged position between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean and boating activity here is particularly dynamic, as illustrated through the wide variety of boats and the diversity of their occupants. Up to 12 nationalities pass one another at the lock each day!

The famous "Mardis du terroir" (local Tuesdays) embody the spirit of this crossroads-town. An initiative of the Tourist Office, they include a two-hour walking tour of the town and a discovery of its sometimes hidden and often unusual treasures, ending with a casual tasting/aperitif around regional products.

Boaters visiting Gray are sure to find something that will quench their thirst for culture, human exchanges, relaxation, sports and leisure. From the docks located both upstream and downstream of the dam and at the campsite, they can walk to the town centre with its parks and gardens and the marina complex Le Boat.

Saône Plaisance

habitable boats hire, no driving licence required

Le Boat

habitable boats hire, no driving licence required


Every Tuesday at 10 am in July and August, meet up for a guided tour followed by a tasting of regional products around noon in a friendly atmosphere. Reception at lock no. 16 every day in peak season from June to September, 7 days a week. Reservations required.